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    A farce forged by Falun Gong Group
    Adjust font size:   Close Kaiwind  2013-10-08

    Falun Gong

    Claiming to Remove Organs from Living Body

    Staging a Clumsy Deception Farce at the International Level


    Falun Gong Evil Cult Strategy Committee


    Falun Gong claims to remove organs from living body, which staging a clumsy deception farce at the international level.


    Photo 1

    A farce forged by Falun Gong Group


    Let us imagine, there is a person, we only read the books written by him, listen to the music made by him, and accept instructions given by him. The photos of the person are plastered all over the walls in the practice site, and people are practicing in front of his photos. People who worship the person claim that they could survive from the catastrophic Sichuan earthquake only because they are protected by the dharmakaya of the person and the person’s dharmakaya can protect them from any disaster or difficulty. The person claims that he is the master of treating difficult and incurable diseases and can finish the salvation that even Shakyamuni, Jesus, and Confucious cannot do. Only believe in that person can you survive from the doomsday. At the end of the art troupe performance of the cult group, the person's photo is projected overlapping with the photo of bodhisattva. Turning the person into Buddha, worshiping him as the Lord Buddha.

    Is it the so-called religion?

    Kindergarten children would have mocked at those actions. This kind of childish cult is conducting missionary activities publicly all around the world. However, the person denied that the cult was a religion. The cult group is a nonsense organization and nobody in their right mind will establish such group. However, people who worship the group believe in the person and the cult without a shadow of doubt.

    The person is Li Hongzhi who is the guru of the cult group Falun Gong.




    Beginning and ending with lies is the characteristic of heresy cult. Why is it structured by lies? One reason is that it intends to use distorted facts to carry out deception, the other reason is that it uses lies to fulfill the strong pursuit of monopoly interests. For most of the deceivers, their language structure ability of the brain is extremely prominent than other abilities. Therefore, they usually speak out something in their mind without any thinking. Research shows that if the front of the frontal lobe of cerebral cortex was injured by accident, people could lie unscrupulously. Properly speaking, lying is an action through which people can achieve certain purposes and gain interests. In the process of lying, people intend to deceive others, create statements that are beyond fact, use language or facial expressions to make the statement real in order to make others misjudge the fact.

    In fact, there is a group that stages clumsy deception farce at the international level. They are lying that they do not have object of faith, their group is not a religion, the organization is a pure practice group and the government only suppress them because the number of attendants grow rapidly. Lying becomes common like potluck among group members. They propagate fictional statements on the Internet and give out flyers on the street. This organization is the Falun Gong cult group. Through the above facts, we can deeply feel the important responsibility of the press.


    We must not allow Falun Gong to blind us


    On August 3rd, I went to the exhibition organized by Falun Gong. The exhibition was held on the 1F of Dobong Gallary in the citizen hall of Dobong district by Korean Falun Dafa Association. I protested that the Dobong citizen hall should not provide photographic exhibition venue for the cult Falun Gong. The civil servant in charge told me that, ‘the contact person did not book the venue under the name of Falun Gong, but we found out the fact later and did adopted sanctions. We will do our best to prevent this happening again.’

    Entering the gallery, one Korean Falun Gong disciple came forward to show me the picture saying that this was a global tour. I looked at the picture that synthesizing the photo of guru Li Hongzhi with the photo of Buddha and asked, ‘is this a religion?’ ‘No,’ the disciple replied, ‘this is the master.’ ‘And who is the object of the faith?’ I asked again. ‘There is no object, the master only teach us practicing the central tenets of truthfulness, forbearance, and compassion.’ ‘Our group has been suppressed since 1992 in China because the increasing number of attendants.’


    Photo 2

    Statue of Li Hongzhi who is the deified guru of Falun Gong cult group. (Editor’s note: The statue cannot be allowed to be displayed in any temple.)


    The disciple said, ‘It is true that the human right suppression do exist. Now some people are selling the organs removed without anesthesia from Falun Gong disciples’ bodies. Practicing the central tenets which are truthfulness, forbearance and compassion can make one become health. I had heart attack, slipped discs, breast cancer and fibroid, now they are all cured. Falun Gong can heal difficult and incurable diseases but it still be suppressed. Therefore, Canadian human right lawyers and members of parliament who take charge of Asia-Pacific issues stand up for investigating the truth. They search material, call hospital for information saying that they want to obtain Falun Gong disciples’ organ. Hospital replied that they only use Falun Gong disciple’s organ. The supporters held press conference in Korea and will collect doctors’ signatures for endorsement and send to the United Nations. ’ What he said was a pack of lies.

    I know what he said was far beyond the truth and I did not want to hear anymore. However, I thought I should argue and enlighten the disciples so I looked around and spoke loudly, ‘why are you lying about Falun Gong saying it is not a religion? Why are you holding this mendacious exhibition? ’ The disciple who talked to me just now hurriedly came to me and tried to explain. I stood straightly in front of the large portrait of Li Hongzhi and slapped at his face saying, ‘isn’t this a religion? You worship his photo as the Buddha, practice in front his portrait but do not admit he is the object of the faith. Don’t you have any common sense? I want to lodge a protest to the one who rent the venue to Falun Gong disciples.’ I left the gallery after saying that.

    Information on the affiliated Minghui Website shows that it has published a large number of periodicals related to the cult Falun Gong since 1999. 31 types of periodicals were publish in 2000, 516 in 2003, and substantially increased to 10153 in 2009. At the end of 2012, the total circulation was 8016 types of publications. Not only that, Falun Gong group also propagates countless false information and stages deception farce at the international level through regular performances made by Shen Yun Art Troupe.

    It seems that Falun Gong group do not have producer only the consumer. Where does the huge financial support come from? Some people say it comes from the revenue of Shen Yun Art Troupe’s performance. However, actually it is not the case. In March 2010, Falun Gong group handed in a financial supervision report of the Shen Yun Art Troupe to the United States Internal Revenue Service. It shows that donation revenue was more than ticket revenue. In addition, Falun Gong group’s revenue enjoys tax exemption in the US, so they spend less than they earn through ticket sale and donation.

    The United States is a Christian country but it uses cult to realize national interests which deviates from the Christianity and should be ashamed of.


    1.     What are the purposes of Li Hongzhi establishing Falun Gong?

    There were problems when Falun Gong first being founded. Through lies of healing diseases and getting rid of pain and frustration, as well as the mysterious promotions of getting superpower and surpassing modern civilization and sciences make countless people feel confused and begin to embrace Falun Gong. It propagates that sciences is useless and Falun Dafa is the best theory in the world in order to disturb feelings of ordinary people. In a word, Falun Gong uses religion to conduct deception. Chinese government imposed sanctions on Falun Gong because ordinary people were harmed by the scourge of Falun Gong. Therefore, Li Hongzhi started to instigate disciples to lay siege to press, municipal and provincial government buildings as well as government offices, making more than 300 times of demonstrations. Disciples mobilized tens of thousands of people to lay siege to Zhongnanhai and the State Council which are the offices of the heads of government to conduct demonstration, which disturbed social order and affected national security.


     Shen Yun Art Troupe was found in 2006 and began to conduct international tour performance since 2007. In 2009, it divided into Shen Yun New York Art Troupe, Shen Yun Tour Art Troupe and Shen Yun International Art Troupe. Most of the troupe members are Falun Gong disciples. They collected talented people from Chinese dance, martial arts, violin, singing and piano international competitions as well as Falun Gong Fei Tian performing-arts schools.


    Before Falun Gong was established, some Chinese Qigong organizations had began to expose problems. Many Qigong maters, Qigong schools and Qigong exercises unfurled the banner of mysticism to conduct deception. Sometimes deceivers disguised into Qigong maters to conduct speech in front of 1000-2000 people. The gymnasiums were packed with 5000 people when famous Qigong master gave a lesson. In 1997, the ticket for Qigong lesson was 2-5 yuan, not a small figure for the ordinary people whose monthly salary was 30-70 yuan. Qigong master could earn 500-1000 yuan for one lesson, 30 times more than ordinary people’s monthly salary and did not even need to pay the tax. In 1995 when Li Hongzhi was active, ticket for Qigong master’s lesson was 10-50 yuan. They could earn 200-500 yuan for 7-10 days. Revenue for special teaching and practicing lesson was even as high as 1500 yuan. Revenue for one lesson conducted by Qigong teacher could rapidly reach 5000 to tens of thousands yuan. Therefore, many people gave up the jobs of civil servant, the most welcomed job in China at that time, university professors and doctors to become full-time Qigong teacher. All Qigong teachers, even the little-known ones, without exception were rich people at that time. In a word, it was a society with no rule of law.

    When he served in the art troupe of the Forest Police Detachment of Jilin Province as a trumpet player in 1970s, he wrote love letter to someone regardless of the strict military rules of prohibiting romances. Later, this secret story was found out by other people. After establishing Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi changed his date of birth to the birth date of bodhisattva. Both Qigong organizations and Falun Gong cult group are all established for one purpose, the money.


    2. Is Falun Gong not a religion? It is a fraud ring using religion to conduct deception.

    The reason Falun Gong is called religion is because it claimed that it inherited the traditions of folk religion. It inherited the tradition of non-attribution from Buddhism, Taoism, and folk religions. It is an eclectic multi-religious faith with the combination of Qigong. In addition, it puts emphasis on the creativity of the universe, corruption and salvation of human being, as well as the deified ability of the guru Li Hongzhi. Li Hongzhi wrote the following analysis on Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, and Falun Gong in his book Zhuang Falun, ‘why is it so hard for the bodhisattva in Buddhism to reach to a high level? Because he is not contradictory, he is perceptive of the slightest. Why does he keep practicing? It is very hard to practice to a higher level.’


    Photo 3

    Picture of Li Hongzhi served in the art troupe of the Forest Police Detachment of Jilin Province as a trumpet player in 1970s.


    Taoism actually does not exist. Lao Zi teaches his disciples self-practice. Although he had a lot of disciples, not all of them received the essence of Taoism.

    Li Hongzhi once said, ‘Jesus receives believers and sends them to the heaven, but if people do not have power and energy, they are not able to ascend to the heaven. The bad thinking and karma formed inside ordinary people’s body is constrained by the universe. People who are extremely bad have nothing at all because they are both physically and mentally disperse and scattered. Not to mention they are able to ascend to the heaven.’ In summary, Li Hongzhi tries to explain that power and energy are indispensable. Falun Gong is the highest level of practice, and practicing Falun Gong is the only way in surviving the doomsday. In other words, he creates a multiple religion which is the only religion that conducts salvation. This kind of statements can also be found in Falun Gong, a book written by Li Hongzhi.


    In the Q&A section of Chapter 5 in Falun Gong, when asked ‘Master, when will you instill Falun aura to disciples?’ Li Hongzhi answered, ‘according to the level of practice, I will instill Falun aura in different sizes. Although some people has not practiced Falun Gong before, they can get rid of diseases through proper adjustment and good body foundation. He already surpassed the level of Qi, and entered into a pure state, that is when I can instill Falun aura.’ When asked, ‘how to put on Falun aura?’ He answered, ‘I will release the Falun aura and instill it into your abdomen. It exists in other space, not the regular material space.’ In other words, it is the Falun aura that makes the world goes around. The aura is originated from Li Hongzhi’s body. After receiving Falun aura, disciples can surpass sciences and reach to the highest position that rules the whole world, which also means that Li Hongzhi claims himself the God.


    Photo 4


    Property Registered Under


    Market Price

    (Unit 10,000 USD)


    (Unit Square Foot)


    Li Hongzhi

    13608 59 th Ave Flushing.NY 11355




    Li Hongzhi

    27 Drinking Brook Rd Monmouth Jct. NJ 08852




    Li Hongzhi

    103 Eagan Ave Staten Island. NY 10312-4103




    Li Hongzhi

    140 Galley Hill Rd, Cuddebackville NY 12729




    Li Hongzhi

    10515 66 th Rd APT 2F Forest Hills. NY 11375




    Li Rui

    9 Hunter Rd Woodcliff Lake. NJ 97677-8100




    Li Jiguang

    80 Colmell Ave Hawthome. NJ 07506






    Statistics of Li Hongzhi’s Family Properties in the US

    Li Hongzhi’s 7 properties all around the US, which shows that he lives a luxury life.


    3. Li Hongzhi persuaded sick brother-in-law to go the hospital

    Falun Gong doctrine states that if suffered from difficult or incurable diseases, people do not need to go to the hospital or take medicine. Only practicing Falun Gong would heal all the diseases. However, when Falun Gong backbone figure, Li Jiguang who is the vice president of Epoch Times News Corporation as well as Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law, suffered from nephropathy and heart diseases, Master Li Hongzhi persuaded him to be hospitalized in one of the New York’s hospitals in the US. Li Jiguang died in May, 2012.

    In 2009, Japanese Falun Gong core leader died. It is said that Falun Gong group did not hold funeral for him. His wife said that he would resurrect 7 days later and chanted Fazheng Nian (Evil Destruction Fa), but nothing happened.


    4. Li Hongzhi claims the approaching doomsday but lives a luxury life.

    Falun Gong claims that ‘the doomsday is approaching. Only Falun Gong disciples can survive and ascend to the heaven.’ However, Master Li Hongzhi and his family members are rich people who have 7 properties all around the US.



    Let’s get into the main topic. Many Falun Gong disciples are spreading malignant rumors about removing organs from living body in China so far. Every time when social situations are not stable, they will bring many appalling and crucial pictures on the table to absorb people’s attentions.

    However, all of the above statements are made-up. Falun Gong cult group is staging a deception farce at the international level. When talking about human right, Falun Gong gurus Li Hongzhi should be the first person give back disciples’ human rights. The following facts will explain how they stage the deception farce.



    (Original in Chinese)

    About ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’


    In March 2006, domestic and international Falun Gong cult groups deliberately created ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’. They used overseas press to much-hype the affair and organized continuous demonstration in front of the Chinese embassies and consulates around the world, which caused a heated debate both domestically and internationally. Through the press conference held by the Chinese government and thorough investigation in Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital conducted by overseas press, governors and foreign consulates’ staff, the truth was clarified.


    1. Overseas Falun Gong websites create and hype ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’.

    On the 8th of March, 2006, overseas Falun Gong organization published an article titled ‘Sujia Village Secret Concentration Camp’ on Minghui website. On the 9th of March, Epoch Times also published an article titled ‘Cremators in Shenyang Concentration Camp, Organs of Falun Gong Disciples Are Being Sold’. These two articles state that more than 6000 Falun Gong disciples are locked up in Sujia village in the city of Shenyang. Falun Gong disciples from three provinces in the northeast of China and midland of China are transferred to Sujia village. There are cremators and doctors in the concentration camp, ‘no one comes out alive. Before corpses are burnt, all the organs are taken out and sold’.

    After those two articles were published, overseas Falun Gong websites much-hyped the affair and published lots of review articles successively. Minghui and Epoch Times website first published more than 600 articles. Affected by these two websites, overseas Falun Gong disciples protested in front of the Chinese embassies and consulates in the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands and Austria to ‘speak the truth’ since 10th of March. Party and government offices, judicial offices, colleges, and residents in Liaoning province received overseas harassing calls and fax successively. Falun Gong disciples in Liaoning province also spread rumors and much-hyped, as well as dispatch flyers, brochures and banners.


    2. The fact clarified by the press conference held by the Chinese government.

    The Chinese government paid high attention to the ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’ hyped by overseas press. In order to clarify the fact, at 10:00 on the 12th of April, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in the news hall. Journalists from 11 domestic and international mainstream media includes CNN, Associated Press, Washington Post, Routers, Asahi Shimbun, Singapore United Morning Post, Phoenix TV, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily and CRI attended the press conference. Deputy District Head of Sujia Village District Zheng Bin and Vice President of the Thrombus Hospital Zhang Yuqin introduced information about Sujia Village and the Thrombus Hospital, clarified the rumor of ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp’, condemned overseas Falun Gong media for fabricating and hyping ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’, received interviews as well as answered 9 questions objectively posed by domestic and international journalists. The press conference lasted for 1 hour. Then 6 media reported this press conference objectively, overseas news media also reported the fact internationally.


    3. Domestic and international journalists, governors and consular staff conducting thorough investigation both publicly and secretly.

    The rumor of ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’ also attracted attention from both domestic and international media. From 17th, March to 11th, April, journalists from China News Service, Japanese NHK, and Phoenix TV were divided into 3 batches to investigate in Sujia village. Except Japanese NHK that did not report after investigation, other two media all published negative reports about ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’.

    The American government also paid high attention and designated American consular officers to conduct investigation in Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital. On the 22nd of March, Officer Ke Daolei of Shenyang American Consulate and a translator visited Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital as private visitors. Person in charge of the hospital showed them around and introduced related information. Ke Daolei then sent report back to the US saying that ‘Sujia Village Thrombus

    Hospital is just a regular hospital’. On the 14th of April, accompanied by consular with Shenyang American Consulate, the First Secretary and one health officer of American General Consulate inspected Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital as formal officers. White House news spokesman then reported ‘there is no substantial fact about Sujia village concentration camp’.

    In the afternoon of 3rd, August, a 26-people delegation (includes 16 KMT legislators) led by Taiwan KMT vice Chairwoman Zhang Renxiang made a drop-in to Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital. Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital leader Zhang Xu, Zhang Yuqin welcomed the delegation, introduced related information including scientific achievements and treatment provided for foreigners. Hospital leaders also showed the delegation the boiler room and inpatient department which are the so-called ‘cremators’ and ‘venue that locking 6000 Falun Gong disciples’. 

    Overseas Falun Gong groups do not separately mention ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’ any more. Falun Gong top leaders also reviewed this affair and considered it as a false step. National governments and other people who are kept in the dark increased the awareness of Falun Gong media. Through this affair, the general public extremely hates the evil nature of Falun Gong and firms their determination of getting away from the cult.


    Sato, who is the Chief Editor of Epoch Times and the person in charge of Falun Gong website in Japan, died on 20th, July, 2009. He is one of the people spreading ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’. After death, his wife Xiao Xinli chanted ‘Fazheng Nian’trying to bring him back to life 7 days later. Falun Gong group did not hold funeral for him.


    The real identity of the falsifiers in Sujia village affair    


    Photo 5

    Woman on the right is Annie, bribed by Falun Gong group, is holding a false press conference.


    Annie (It is said that her ex-husband was a cerebral surgeon of this hospital and started to conduct cornea removal operation since 2001, which is impossible because cerebral surgeon will never do cornea removal operation.), formerly Anna Luis, is a 50 year-old Canadian woman. She was a dancing girl in the bar when she was young and lived in the neighborhood of new Asia square, Ottawa, Canada. She was bribed by Falun Gong to spread false facts.

    Peter, formerly John Cater, is a 44 year-old Chinese travelling in the US. As an unemployed person, he worked in the church in San Francisco but got fired because of burglary. He was bribed by Falun Gong to become the witness of ‘Sujia Village Concentration Camp Affair’.

    After article about the hospital published on Falun Gong newspaper the Epoch Times, Qiao Gao(former member of congress in Canada) and Matas (Canadian lawyer) established an organization called ‘Falun Gong Victim Truth Investigation Team’. Qiao Gao and Matas were authorized to investigate the affair dependently and collect evidence.

    Qiao Gao and Matas have never been to Sujia village or any other place in China. However, in the first report they published in July, 2006, they claimed that ‘organs of Falun Gong disciples are removed compulsively’. They said that Annie’s testimony was credible and ‘based on other evidence that consistent with her statement’. They asserted Falun Gong group asked them to conduct dependant investigation only after hearing what Annie said. Only heard the absurd description from a woman whose ex-husband is a cerebral surgeon who conducted cornea removal operation, did they fabricate false facts and stage deception farce. Neither do they have related record that can be testified, nor specific evidence. They are bribed and then used by Falun Gong group.


    US State Department refuting the rumor of ‘organ removal from living body’ spread by Falun Gong


    On the 14th of April, 2006, Sean Mccormack, spokesman of the US State Department, declared that according to the investigation conducted by their staff, the US government did not found any evidence supporting the statement of ‘organ removal from living body’ asserted by Falun Gong group.

    On the 16th of April, 2006, IIP of the US State Department published an article titled State Department’s Opinions on Chinese Falun Gong Issue on the official website.

    The article states, ‘According to the report stated that there are concentration camps in the northeast part of China and after taken into the concentration camps, Falun Gong disciples’ organ were removed from their living body, the US government designated staff to conduct investigation and found out there is no evidence supporting the above statements.’ ‘Officers from Beijing Embassy and Shenyang Consulate were sent to visit the specific hospital twice. During their visit, they were allowed to enter all facilities and venues, and except for the regular functions of a general hospital, there is no evidence showing the hospital is conducting other functions,’ the report added.


    Photo 6

    Qiao Gao and Matas have never been to Sujia village or any other place in China. They spread false information only based on what Annie said. They are the people bribed and used by Falun Gong group just like Annie.


    Why does the US State Department publish the above statement?


    On the 9th of March, 2006, one article published on Epoch Times website stated, ‘There are cremators in Shenyang concentration camp, and organs of Falun Gong disciples are being sold’. For a short period, Falun Gong group clamored about ‘Sujia village concentration camp’, conducted massive propaganda targeting politicians and governors from other countries as well as demonstrations. The rumor was too ridiculous to believe and was criticized by many netizens when it first appeared on the Internet. Then Falun Gong group changed the attitude and put the label of ‘concentration camp’ on Liaoning Thrombus Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Centre (Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital for short) in Sujia village, Shenyang, Liaoning province. They also published pictures of the hospital facilities and the ‘corpse cremators’ (actually is the boiler room) on the website.

    Related departments in China refuted and criticized the affair fabricated by Falun Gong group for several times. The victim of the affair, Liaoning Thrombus Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Centre published an article on the 31st of March on its official website to refute the rumor and clarify the fact. Actually, this hospital is located at downtown area of city Shenyang and is a grade-A hospital of the second class according to China’s hospital categories. Therefore, it is not capable of ‘removing human organs’ in terms of medical procedure, facility level as well as doctor scope. This hospital has 300 beds so it is impossible for it to take in 6000 people. The so-called ‘corpse cremator’ is actually a regular boiler room. On the 4th of April, when answering question posed by journalist from Associate Press, spokesman of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuted the rumor fabricated by Falun Gong group. Staff from Sujia village district government and Liaoning Thrombus Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Centre attended the press conference held in Chinese State Council Information Office on the 12th of April, and for the second time criticized Falun Gong group for fabricating such despicable rumor.


    Overseas media refuting rumor about removing organs from living body fabricated by Falun Gong group


    After the rumor was spread, many domestic and international media went to Sujia village to conduct site investigation. On the 24th of March, 2006, journalists from China News Service went to Liaoning Thrombus Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Centre to conduct interview. On the 31st of March, journalists from Japanese NHK, Phoenix TV, and Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao also conducted site investigation in the hospital. Phoenix TV stated that the mysterious concentration camp did not exist. Journalists from 11 domestic and international mainstream media includes CNN, Associated Press, Washington Post, Routers, Asahi Shimbun, Singapore United Morning Post, Phoenix TV, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, China Daily and CRI who attended the press conference held by Chinese State Council Information Office on the 12th of April all conducted site investigation and reported that Sujia village district government and Liaoning Thrombus Chinese and Western Medicine Medical Centre disproved the rumor spread by Falun Gong group. In addition, the report wrote by Canadian investigation group also showed that ‘Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital does not have the technique to conduct organ removal operations’. On the 8th of June, 2007, 5 journalists from Hong Kong TV conducted site investigation and reported the rumor fabricated by Falun Gong group.


    Photo 7

    Canada (motherland of Qiao Gao and Matas), the US, Japan, Taiwan, Ukraine and other nations all refuted the rumor fabricated by Falun Gong group and reported the fact on public media. They found out the truth that organs removal from living body does not exist by visiting and investigating the hospital.


    There is no Sujia village concentration camp, just Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital!


    There is no Sujia village concentration camp asserted by Falun Gong group, just Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital. There is no cremator burning corpses of Falun Gong disciples, just regular boiler room. Officers of American Embassy went to Sujia village district twice to conduct site investigation. On the 22nd of March, officers of Shenyang American Consulate visited Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital and praised hospital environment and facilities. They introduced information to their American friends. Later, the Associate Press interviewed officers of American Embassy on this matter. Spokesman of American Embassy stated, ‘from information collected by us so far, it is just a regular hospital.’ On the 14th of April, David Cornbluth, General Consular of Shenyang American Consulate accompanied by officers of American Embassy visited the hospital again, conducted a 3-hour inspection on pathology laboratory, operating room, canteen, warehouse, car park, waste yard, boiler room, chimney, archive, as well as visited the neighborhood community. On the 14th of April, American State Department published investigation report twice.

    Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital becomes more and more famous after the affair, and attracts patients from all around the world.


    (Field Report in China)

    Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital in the past and the present


    It is a normal hospital.

    This hospital has built partnership with Korean Doctor Hospital since June, 1997 to conduct cooperation and academic exchange in the next 16 years.

    Located at the downtown area of the city, the hospital is close to a busy street which is crewed with people and vehicles. Everybody can cross the street and enter the hospital.

    It only takes 30 minutes by car to go to the hospital from downtown area of Shenyang. Shenyang is an industrial metropolis having more than 7 millions of population. The hospital is located in a busy street and it is impossible to conduct 2000 people’s massacre without any notice.

    During the day of interview, most of the wards were full of patients. There were some patients sitting in wheel chairs having leisure time in the yard, some patients were hanging clothes with the help of nurses. Most of them were there to receive professional treatment for stroke or blood diseases. We took a tour in the hospital along with some officers and translators.

    There were a lot of usage of CT scanner and MRI apparatus in the hospital, also of medicinal materials processing equipments which were operated base on the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The cashier in the lobby was the busiest place of the building, and a number of patients or family members of patients were lined up for paying fees.

    The boiler room that described as the corpse cremator by Falun Gong group is tidy and clean. Every room in the quadrangle dwellings has a window that can see the hospital main building through. Three side of the main building are towards the quadrangle dwellings and people can see the boiler room clearly from every ward. Therefore, it is impossible to transfer 2000 corpses into the boiler room without any notice. Patients staying in the wards can see the boiler room as well as residents from the high building opposite to the dwellings. Entering the boiler room, workers were working very hard and the phone rang a lot when the rumor first spread was still at the same place.

    The boiler room is 600 square meters in size and is muggy because of the burning coal and boiler. People can easily get sweaty when entering the room, not alone the workers working there all day long especially for summer days.

    Falun Gong group should feel ashamed by what they did. If the boilers cannot operate as usual, patients’ life can get affected. Therefore, it is actually a very important room and workers still working very hard.

    Can you believe it is in this room that people’s organs were removed from their living body? Look at those high chimneys, can you believe it is the cremator that burnt more than 6000 of corpses?

    It is so cruel to create such rumor and how can the Falun Gong group be satisfied? Even for now, they are still doing evil actions.

    It's not an easy task to burn out that many of bodies. The old types of cremators must make the heat to 1600-2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will take 2-3 hours to burn out a body, even so the body is hardly to turn into ashes. Even though the temperature of this cremator is higher than the old type ones, it cannot turn the thighbone, toenail, pelvis and skull into ashes.


    Falun Gong group fabricated the rumor that organs of Falun Gong disciples were removed from their living body in Sujia Village concentration camp. The concentration camp is actually an ordinary hospital. It is Falun Gong group that stages a farce on organs removal from living body in order to slander China’s image. Following are the facts of the hospital that slandered by Falun Gong group as concentration camp.


    Photo 8

    Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital located in Sujia Village District, Shenyang, Liaoning province, China (Medical center that combines Chinese and Western medicine)


    Photo 9

    Statement of photo

    1. Full view of the boiler room of Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital

    2. Inside of the boiler room

    3. Outside of the boiler room and coal box

    4. The old phone was still there unmoved when the incidence occurred in March, 2006


    Photo 10

    Sujia Village Thrombus Hospital acquired 23 times of Model Award

    5. The corridor of Admission Office of the hospital

    6. The model hospital that acquired 23 times of Model Award 

    7. Cultural life of the staff of the hospital and the patients

    8. Patients spending leisure time with nurses

    9. Long-stay patients hanging clothes with help of nurses

    It is disappointed that in the 21st century, mentally healthy people can create such ridiculous rumor of organs removal from living body. It is heart-wrenching that lies fabricated by evil religious group can be easily spread without scruple.

    Falun Gong Evil Cult Strategy Committee


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